Bin Collection Liverpool

Bin Collection Liverpool 


Bin collection Liverpool is very serious work to make the city fresh, waste-free and wonderful. The authority of Liverpool strictly maintains the bin collection in our City. Therefore, the people of Liverpool have to follow some rules and maintain some time-table to remove the waste from their household.

Many questions arise about the bin collection in Liverpool. Like: Bin collection dates Liverpool, missed bin collection, Liverpool, request a bin Liverpool, etc.

All the questions will be answered today.

Kinds of bin: 

You have to know first about the kinds of the bin for collecting different types of waste and what types of waste go for what types of the bin.

Generally, there are three types of  bins are seen:

Now, know about which colored bin is used for which types of waste. You have to maintain this rule. Otherwise, the authority won’t collect your waste from the bin. So follow it carefully.

Blue bin or bag (recycling)
Allowed waste for the blue bin Not allowed
Glass items like broken glass jars and bottles Black bag waste
Cans (don’t crush) Plastic bags (cling film or plastic padding)
Magazines, paper, junk mail, newspaper, catalogs, wrapping paper, and phone directories. (non-plastic/metatic) Metal objects (shredded paper or polystyrene)
Envelope including plastic windows Cartons of juice (Tetrapak)
 Cardboard food boxes and egg cartons (flattened) Food or liquids
Cereal, food boxes, and cardboard packages (remove plastic padding) Yogurt pots, food trays, plastic tubs  or foil containers
Toilet or kitchen roll inner cardboard Clothes, textiles, and shoes (take clothes and bric-a-brac to your local charity shop or recycling bank).
 Plastic drinks bottles (keep lids on, do not flatten) Paint tins (donate leftover paint to your local community repaint scheme)
Plastic shampoo and cleaning bottles Electrical items (Please visit your  nearest recycling center or arrange a Bulky Bob collection)
Syringes, Wood
  Green bin (Garden waste)
Allowed waste for the blue bin Not allowed
 Grass cuttings, hedge clippings, dead plants, and weeds.  Stone, concrete, timber or builder’s waste.
Cut flower and shrub prunings (woody waste).  Glass, plastic, metal, paper or cardboard.
Bark, leaves and small twigs.  Plant pots, soil or turf.
Branches no larger than 7.5cm or 3 inches in diameter. Household and food waste
Purple bin (household waste)
Allowed waste for the blue bin Not allowed
Household waste and items that can’t be recycled. Electrical items – please book a Bulky Bob collection or take these waste Recycling Centre to dispose of electrical goods.
 Food waste, including pet food.
Bin collection dates Liverpool: 


Follow the link:


Enter your postcode and select your address to find the bin collection dates in Liverpool city.

Know more information about bin collection in the City of Liverpool: 
  1. On your collection day, all the bags and bins must be put out before 6.30am
  2. Bins must put on the kerbside with handles facing towards the road. Please place the bins in the nearest end of the passage or alley, if you live in a terraced house.
  3. In the City of Liverpool, bin collection is as normal on Bank Holiday, Put your bags and bin on your collection day as normal.
You should follow these rules: 
Missed bin collection Liverpool city:

If your waste bin has not been collected by 2pm on your scheduled day, report it as missing. The authority will collect your bin within 24 hours from 2pm on the day of the missed collection.

If you delayed 24 hours to report, then it won’t be treated as a missed collection and then, these bins will be collected on the next scheduled date.

To report follow this link: Report a missed collection

Please don’t report as missed if:

  1. You don’t put the bins or bags before 6.30am
  2. If your bin is too heavy or contains incorrect materials(Please the sticker on your bin)

(Please remove all the heavy metal or incorrect material form bins before your next collection day). Otherwise, it won’t be collected.

Bin request in Liverpool city: 


Purple refuse bins: 

Please call 0151 233 3001 to order a bin for a replacement if your purple refuse bin has been damaged, is lost or stolen. It charges a £20 administration and delivery fee. You may pay over the phone with a debit or credit card.

You can also visit your local One Stop Shop to place your order and pay. All One Stop Shops accept payment by debit or credit card.

Blue recycling and green garden bins:

For blue recycling and green garden bins, the authority may need to charge for a new bin in some circumstances and may come out to check the details given in your request.

Read the privacy notice which tells you how authority use your data

Apply Online

Bin collection in the City of Liverpool is a step of waste management in Liverpool. Check your scheduled bin collection day, put your bin in place before 6.30am, report a missed collection if missed, follow all terms and conditions and keep your city clean and beautiful.


Know more: 


1. How can I get free bin?

Ans: Contact with local city government through email or phone and ask if they offer free recycling bins in your community. It’s likely that there are free recycling bins available if your area has a recycling program.

2. Why is my bin not emptied?

Ans: If your bins are too heavy or filled with incorrect materials it won’t be collected. Please put the right material for each bin.

3. What goes in the purple bin?

Ans: Generally, waste that can not be recycled is placed in the purple bin.

4. What can go in blue bin?

Ans: Generally, the blue bin is for glass, cans, paper, envelopes, cardboard food boxes and egg cartons, cereal, toilet or kitchen roll inner cardboard, plastic drink bottles, plastic shampoo and cleaning bottles.


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