Insurance Summary

Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy Summary

MaxiMove LTD have an enviable record when it comes to looking after our clients and their possessions.

However, with many years' of removals experience behind us, we are realistic enough to know that accidents can happen from time to time. Most home contents policies do not cover personal effects during a house move and it is for this reason that we offer removals Insurance services as an added safeguard for our customers.

Whether you are moving 100 yards down the road or to the Outer Hebrides, MaxiMove LTD's customers can do so safe in the knowledge that their possessions will be in the most capable hands. In the unlikely event that a claim has to be made, it will be dealt with efficiently and professionally. With our insurance policy, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that should anything go wrong during the move, your effects are fully covered by a comprehensive policy on which you can claim.

MaxiMove LTD want to make the whole subject of insurance totally clear and hassle-free to our customers which is why we have made insurance a requirement of moving with us. (Please note that our removals insurance is only exclusively available to customers of MaxiMove LTD)

The insurance provided by MaxiMove LTD is underwritten by a specialist insurer and is designed for the specific purpose of insuring your move from start to finish. The cover is short term, free to our customers and does not affect the claims record on your household insurance should a claim need to be made.

Of course, if you are already insured elsewhere for moving house and can provide evidence of your insurance (via a policy wording, an endorsement or a note from your insurers/brokers) then we are of course very happy to accept this as evidence of your own insurance arrangements for the move.

Cancellation Protection Plan

Moving Home is and has always been an inherently stressful milestone in anybody's life. Completion dates are often changed last minute leaving you, the customer, stressed and feeling uneasy for how your sale and/or purchase will progress. If you have booked with us, a change in date will not result in extra charges, allowing for a change of date without incurring additional costs. Please email us at for more details about this plan.

Late Key Waiver

Through our many years' of experience, we've come to terms that no matter how well planned for, receiving your keys on time is in the hands of the legal system. Our Late Key Waiver protects you against the potential additional costs incurred for overtime working. Please email us at for more detail about this waiver.

Important - You should read this

What cover do I have?

You have £10.000 goods in transit insurance cover as standard with every move.

How long is it for?

Your cover will start when the goods are collected for transit and cease when the goods are delivered at their final destination.

Summary of cover and limits

This policy covers physical loss or damage to your goods whilst in transit including the risks of loading and unloading.

This policy includes damage caused by the actions of Customs Authorities in the course of their inspection duties.

This policy includes duty payable on lost or damaged subject-matter insured excluding claims in respect of:

▪︎ total loss of whole or part of the subject-matter insured prior to the duty becoming payable.

▪︎ general average or salvage charges arising from any casualty occurring prior to the duty becoming payable.

In ascertaining the amount of claim recoverable credit will be given for any rebate or refund of duty which may become allowable. We will also pay for damage to the subject-matter insured caused by fumigation provided always that such fumigation is not customary and is beyond your control.

In the event of damage affecting only the labels, wrappers and capsules of the subject-matter insured we will pay the costs of reconditioning or replacement.

Insurance excess

An excess applies to each and every claim. The excess amounts depend on the job and are as follows:

▪︎ Removals, and jobs over 8 cubic metres in size: £250

▪︎ Motorcycle: 0.75% of the value of the vehicle subject to a £250 minimum

▪︎ Piano: £250

▪︎ All other: £50

Furthermore, we have an option where there will be no excess to pay and it is as follows: We would compensate up to a maximum of £100 per damaged item. Our team would carry out a quick on the spot valuation and reach a final decision based on their estimate. If this is not justifiable, an excess would apply for each and every claim. Subject to T&Cs.

What is not insured?

Does not cover Excluded Goods:

▪︎ Jewellery, Watches, Precious Stones, Money, Coins, Bullion, Deeds, Bonds, Securities, Stamps, Livestock, Explosives, Flammables and any assembled flat-pack furniture, IKEA, Argos etc.

▪︎ Furs, Perfumery, Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes, Wines, Spirits and Mobile Phones. However, it is agreed that cover will be provided for these items where they are part of a household or office removal – subject to a limit of £10,000 any one customer, any one job.

▪︎ Does not cover damage due to packing that was inadequate to withstand normal handling in transit

▪︎ Does not cover injury to or the death of any living person or creature

▪︎ Any other goods which you are not permitted to submit for removal/transportation under MaxiMove's Terms and Conditions

Does not cover damage caused by or consisting of:

▪︎ corrosion, erosion, rust, wet or dry rot, shrinkage, evaporation, loss of weight, dampness, mould, dryness, marring, scratching, moths, vermin or insects

▪︎ change in temperature, colour, flavour, texture or finish

▪︎ Does not cover any financial loss, damage, cost, expense, fine or penalty not directly associated with the incident that caused you to claim

▪︎ Does not cover damage or expense caused by delay

Does not cover damage caused by or consisting of:

▪︎ depreciation, inherent vice, latent defect, gradual deterioration (including the deterioration of contents in refrigeration units), wear and tear, mildew or frost

▪︎ breakdown of refrigeration

▪︎ pollution or contamination

▪︎ Does not cover claims for missing items, cartons or packages lacking an itemised valued list of contents supplied by the owner prior to commencement of transit

▪︎ Does not cover breakage, scratching, denting, chipping, staining and tea ring for subject-matter insured packed by the owner or a third party unless directly caused by the specified perils

▪︎ Does not cover damage to second-hand or used goods or machinery loss caused by or consisting of rust, oxidation, scratching, denting, chipping or marring unless the goods have been fully reconditioned

How do I make a claim?

If you need to make a claim, please contact MaxiMove LTD within 7 days of the transit on:


Our complaints procedure

Our commitment to customer service

We are committed to providing a high level of customer service. If you do not feel we have delivered this, we would welcome the opportunity to put things right for you.

Who to contact in the first instance

Many concerns can be resolved straight away. Therefore in the first instance, please get in touch with MaxiMove LTD as we will be able to provide you with an immediate response to your satisfaction. Contact details will be provided on correspondence that we or our representatives have sent you. Most complaints can be resolved within 3 business days.

If we can resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 3 business days we will do so and we will write to you via email to confirm. (A business day is defined as Monday to Friday, but excluding bank holidays).

Complaints that take longer than 3 business days to resolve

If we have not been able to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 3 business days, we will keep you updated with progress and provide you with our decision as quickly as possible. This will be in the form of a final decision email from one of our representatives.

Next steps if you are still unhappy?

If you are not happy with the outcome of your complaint, you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to review your case. You will need to contact them within 6 months of the date of our final decision email.

You can also ask the ombudsman to review your case if we have not provided you with a final decision within 8 weeks of receiving your complaint.

The service they provide is free and impartial. They can be contacted as follows:

Post: Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR

Telephone: 08000 234567 (free on mobile phones and landlines)



The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which means that you may be entitled to compensation if we are unable to meet our obligations to you. Further information is available on or by contacting the FSCS directly on 0800 678 1100.
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