Packers and movers

MaxiMove LTD are experienced packers and movers, and offer professional packing services for all manner of requirements such as moving home or relocating your office. We have a wealth of experience in both commercial and domestic packing.

Our team of professionals know how to ensure everything is packed to the highest standards to ensure the safety and security of your all-important possessions.

We provide a range of packing services that are tailored to suit your individual needs. After all, no two jobs are the same. Our range of services include.

Pack and move service

    Our pack and move service comprises of a team of packing experts who are adept and proficient in all types of packing from the smallest of ornaments to the largest of items. We will pack the entire contents of your home or business with maximum efficiency and meticulous attention to detail. This can be done on the day before your move or on the day of your move itself depending on your circumstances.

    We provide all the necessary boxes / garment carriers and materials as part of our service. They are of the highest quality and are corrugated double wall, perfect for removals and storage.

Self packing service

    With our self packing service we can supply you with everything you need to pack up the contents of your home. We can send a variety of sized boxes to ensure you have everything you could possibly need.

    See our online shop for more information about the items we can supply.

Unpacking service

    We pride ourselves on delivering the most comprehensive service and our unpacking service will leave you free to enjoy your new location or home. We will unpack absolutely everything and will take any waste away with us. This helps minimise the stress of moving home and settling in.

Stress-free moving services

Life is busy and there sometimes isn’t enough time to pack your belongings, we will pack / unpack your belongings with as much care as if they were our own, allowing you time to get on with your busy day to day life knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.

To discuss your packing requirements and find out how you can save talk to our expert team today by text or WhatsApp (calls are fine after 6pm), or simply complete our enquiry form below.

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