Self Loading

Cheaper alternative

We receive a lot of enquiries for self loading where the clients load and unload the van at both destinations. also referred to as the kerb to kerb option.

Self loading is our budget service. With this service you would be responsible for the loading and unloading of our vehicle, while our driver will not help loading on this option, we will advise and offer direction and guidance when needed, we will also secure all goods before setting off for your new destination. Using this option also leaves two free seats at the front of the van, we are happy to take you to your new destination at no extra cost.

Fixed price removals

Unlike many others who prefer to charge by the hour, we offer fixed price removals, which means no unwelcome costs if your move runs over time. You will benefit from the following:

Protection – plenty of covers, blankets and straps to protect your all important furniture.

Large van – 3.5t high top van.

Free ride – 2 seats at the front of the van to take you to your new destination.

No extra charges – fuel, parking and toll charges included in our price.

Kerb to kerb service – we will transport your furniture from the kerb at your old home to the kerb at your new home.

Insurance cover

Please note; We do not offer insurance, separate (GIT) transit insurance cover should be arranged by the customer if necessary.

High quality removals

We always advise our clients to use as much of our equipment as you possibly can; i.e blankets, furniture covers and moving equipment to ensure your furniture does not become damaged, you can never use to many to keep your furniture safe.

To discuss your self loading requirements and find out how you can save talk to our expert team today by text or WhatsApp (calls are fine after 6pm), or simply complete our enquiry form below.

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