If you’ve got enough rubbish to fill a skip, you probably don’t want to spend your time actually loading it into one. Call MaxiMove Ltd and you won’t have to. Our rubbish removal teams can clear and collect all kinds of rubbish and junk from anywhere on your property.
Even items like fridges and tins of paint that you can’t put in a skip. Then we’ll load it into our van and dispose of it responsibly. It’s usually cheaper than hiring a skip, much less work, and we won’t hang around on your driveway for days afterwards.
You also won’t be paying for your neighbours rubbish, which may have made it into your skip over night! We collect and dispose of the rubbish ourselves, no one else. Just us. That means we don’t use third parties and we can take full responsibility for the disposal of your rubbish.
Our rubbish clearance service is very flexible and we do not discriminate against location, if you live in a apartment, flat or up a dirt track, we always turn up, allowing you to choose almost any size clearance up to 16 yards per van.
We are happy to clear more or less waste on the day, leaving you in control. We usually clear your rubbish the very same day If booked before 10am, or a day of your choice.
We divert over 95% of the rubbish we collect away from landfill by using economically and consumer friendly sites only.
Due to the weight legally allowed, our vehicles can only carry 1.1 ton per trip so we advise if it’s soil, slabs, heavy building waste we recommend a skip as these hold much more weight in much less volume.

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