Common Questions

1How do I get a delivery/removal quote?
Requesting quotes from MaxiMove LTD is easy. Simply complete our request a quote form on our website or alternatively call or message us. Quotes are valid for 28 days, and you can rest assured you are under NO obligation to accept any of our quotes.
2Can I move at the weekend?
We are able to carry out your removal at any time that is convenient to you.
3Are there extra charges for moving on the weekend?
No! We do not charge extra for moving on the weekend.
4Can the movers and packers at delivery address place each item where I desire?
Yes! Why not, this is one of the many qualities MaxiMove LTD takes pride in. Each and every one of your items will be placed precisely where you would like them to be placed, hassle free. Our staff will do everything necessary to make sure your entire move is trouble free.
5Do I have to arrange parking through my local council / concierge / local authority, to obtain permits if necessary?
Yes, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that they have permit(s) for all the addresses concerned. No Removal Company or Removal Firm in the industry would usually take any responsibility for this. If you could not get one on time, you might be able to ask neighbours for visitors permit to use for that particular day if available and applicable. Let your neighbours know that a removal van will be parked outside your house and may cause them inconvenience.
6How many men will do my removal?
The size of the removal crew is decided by our staff based on the information we have and is usually between two and three men. The decision depends on the amount of goods to move and the overall schedule for your move. We will be responsible for allocating enough staff for your move.
7How long will my removal take?
There are several factors that affect the time it takes to complete a removal. The obvious ones are the amount of goods and the distance they are moving. Some may be less obvious but are just as important. Simple things like having to park ten feet further from your house due to parked cars can severely change the time it takes to load or unload. Try to inform us of anything that may happen or be different on the day of your removal, even if it does not seem that important.
8How can I be sure my items will arrive in the same condition?
We use state of the art moving pads and prestige covers, to protect your goods whilst in transit, which it turn creates peace of mind that your items will be in the same condition when they arrive at your new destination.
9When and who do I need to pay?
To secure your chosen date, you are required to pay a deposit to MaxiMove LTD. This payment is only taken after you’ve accepted a quote from us. The deposit can be paid through our Secure Payment Gateway (which accepts all major UK credit and debit cards). After paying the initial deposit to MaxiMove LTD, you then pay the remaining balance after the unloading of goods at your final destination. The amount you are quoted, is the total amount you pay for the job. There are no hidden extras.
10How do I accept a quote?
To accept a quote, click the link then select which package you would like to choose. If you would like to accept our quote then click the 'accept' button at the bottom of your screen. Once accepted an invoice will be generated for you to make your payment. We require a security deposit of 20% of the total removal cost, which can be paid through our Secure Payment Gateway (which accept all major UK credit and debit cards).
11What size are removal boxes?
Most removal companies use a variety of boxes however there are two main types, a book box and a general purpose box. A general purpose box is often referred to as a Pack 2 or a tea chest box and is 18″ x 18″ x 18″. The book box is smaller to restrict its weight and is suitable for heavier items not just books. It is also known as a Pack 6 and is 18″ x 13″ x 13″.
12Do you provide a packing and unpacking service?
Yes! We provide both services for the ultimate stress-free moving experience.
13Do you accept card payment?
We accept all major UK credit and debit cards.
14Is there fees to pay when paying by card?
No! You will NOT be charged fees.
15I’m moving house, is there a checklist I can follow?
Yes we have a moving house checklist. Please visit our blog page for more useful information and guides.
16How much will my removal cost?
There are many factors that are taken into consideration when calculating the price, distance, number of bedrooms, packing and unpacking are just some of the obvious ones. Try to avoid being given estimates by other companies as their final bill may be larger than you expected.
17Do you dismantle and reassemble my furniture?
Unless this was agreed in the quote, all items needing to be dismantled are expected to be done and ready to move before we arrive. If agreed in the quote, our staff will carry out the dismantling and reassembly as agreed. It is essential that you say what is required at the quotation stage to allow for the necessary time and equipment to be provided.
18Will you empty my loft?
We will empty your loft as long as it is safe to do so. The access to the loft must have a fixed staircase or ladder, be properly floored and have lighting. If any of these conditions are not met then you will have to empty the loft before the removal van arrives.
19Do I have to empty my drawers?
As long as there are no heavy or breakable items left in drawers then it is usually ok to leave them full. Some types of furniture like self assembly units don’t travel well and it is advised that you empty these completely. As long as the furniture itself is sturdy then items like clothing and bedding can and should be left in.
20Can I do my own packing?
Yes is the simple answer. If you do your own packing, use boxes that are a suitable size and strength. Make sure you seal all your boxes as well, open top boxes like banana boxes make it impossible to safely stack your goods in the van. Always find out how packing your own boxes affects your insurance, most companies will only recognise damages if the box has been dropped or crushed. If you are unsure or struggling to get suitable boxes, we can supply you with what you need.
21What areas do you cover?
Our main locations are; Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and North Wales, but we also travel the whole of the UK.
22How much notice do you need?
We normally like a week or two prior, but we can do last minute moves on many occasions with a day's notice.
23What happens if something is broken during transit?
MaxiMove LTD provide insurance for this kind of damage; please visit our insurance summary for more details if this is of particular concern.
24What will you do with my clothes?
5 Free wardrobe boxes will be supplied with every full home move, they would be dispatched to your home address straight after your booking confirmation text from us. they are yours to keep, if for example you do not have any wardrobes in your new home yet.
25Will you protect my flat screen television?
Most households now own a large flat screen television, if you have the original box - great, if not please disconnect/take down from the wall and our team will carefully protect this for you using our specialist quilted pads, or you could always purchase boxes from our shop.
26Will you protect my sofas/chairs?
We have specialist padded sofa covers which are put on sofas/armchairs in your home before they are moved. They are like a sleeping bag for your furniture offering the highest protection during transit.
27Will you protect my white goods?
Yes we have custom made covers for your white goods. These are padded and offer the highest protection during transit.
28How do you protect my mattresses?
We have very heavy duty bags to protect these during transit.
29Will you protect my pictures/mirrors?
Our team will wrap these in blankets for you and mark fragile ect where appropriate.
30Will you protect my carpets/flooring
Yes we have specialist covers which will be placed on all your floors and carpets where required. Mats will be placed in your hallway and bannisters and stairs fully protected also.

My Account

1I've lost/forgotten my password
If you can’t access your account, click the “Forgot Password?” link, located on the left hand side of the log in bar. You will be sent an email from MaxiMove LTD with the option to reset your password.

Quote Acceptance

1Paying a deposit
To secure your chosen date, you are required to pay a security deposit to MaxiMove LTD. This payment is taken after you have accepted a quote and can be paid through our Secure Payment Gateway (which accept all major UK credit and debit cards).
2Paying the remaining balance to MaxiMove LTD
Having paid the initial deposit, your remaining balance is then paid directly to the our driver, generally upon completion of the job. We accept cash and all major UK credit and debit cards. Please note: You do not pay more than the amount of the quote you accept.
Insurance comes as standard with all our moves, we have £10k goods in transit and £1million public liability cover. Please read our Insurance summary for more details.
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