Piano Transport

Upright piano transport

Normally two crew members are required for this job. We will wrap your piano with a custom made cover and remove any loose or fragile parts before loading the piano onto a specialist piano truck for moving.

Moving a piano can be a complex process and without professional expertise, the instrument is at risk of becoming damaged.

MaxiMove it

We pack pianos in special breathable materials to ensure they do not 'sweat' during transit. What our piano transport services offer:

  • Right equipment – we have all the necessary equipment to carefully transport your instrument.

  • Knowledge – our team have the expertise to make sure your piano is transported safely.

  • Protection – our crews carry clean shoe protectors and we use blankets and foam over your floors to protect your carpets/tiles or wooden floor.

  • Peace of mind – you can be sure that your piano will be truly looked after.

  • Specialist removers

    MaxiMove LTD has combined experience of over 10 years of piano transport so you can trust our specialist crews to carefully transport your instrument to wherever it needs to go. Our expertise, in-depth knowledge and attention to detail mean you can relax knowing your piano is in safe hands.

    A complete service

    You can count on us to take care of your prized piano and home. Choose the team that looks after you as well as they look after your instrument. Talk to our expert team today by text or WhatsApp (calls are fine after 6pm), or simply complete our enquiry form below.

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